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Global Touch Enterprise

May 03, 2024

Global Touch Enterprise will be designing a new website for Canavan Center Chiropractic in San Antonio, Texas.

All About Me

I started my journey into entrepreneurship back in 2008; after going through multiple layoffs, I started my business Global Touch Enterprise as a web design and marketing business. After seeing a lot of startups not getting the quality service and assistance they needed. I wanted to provide a quality service to help startups like myself thrive and grow in the marketplace. I taught myself in web design after coming from manufacturing in Chicago and moved to Houston in 2002 I have worked for different companies not really getting a foothold on growing within a particular company, I decided it was time to start my own business. Seeing I have worked in B 2 B for a number of years I wanted to continue assisting small businesses and start-ups on a regular basis. 

So, I came up with the name of Global Touch Enterprise to assist entrepreneurs from all walks of life and around the world to build and grow their network in the area where they do business. Based in Houston, Texas, I have assisted businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations to build and grow their network in the area where they do business. The vision is to assist businesses, churches, and non-profit organization in a community where they share and grow resources, so no one lacks anything in the communities across the city and around the world! 

We are located at the Cannon 1334 Brittmoore Rd Houston, TX 77043. We love forward thinking and assisting businesses to growing in the marketplace with their products or services to help grow the in the communities where they are! 

Our Most Recent Press in the Voyage Houston Magazine!

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